Thursday, November 30, 2017

An Early Start: November 30, 2017

I couldn't keep my eyes open after 8pm last night as it had been a busy and positive day. Now I'm up in the wee hours of the morning because the day ahead is very, very busy and there's lots to do to get ready and prepare.

What's on the schedule?

Room Clean-Up
We cleaned and organized desks yesterday, and today I'll spend some time organizing other aspects of the classroom. With 26+ people in a smallish room for about five hours a day, there's need for regular clean up and organization.

Substitute Plans
My colleagues and I are attending a conference tomorrow, and I'm running out the door at the end of the school day to attend the Teacher's Collaborative's first big event in Boston this afternoon. So I have to make up those sub plans for tomorrow this morning.

Reading Group
I've got to finish reading our RTI reading book, Swindle, as I prepare for our final group talk about the story, a story the children enjoyed. I also have to prep our next book study. I'll choose a shorter book, one we can complete before the holiday break.

Yesterday there was a quandary about a particular learning strategy used so I want to find out more about that including what happened, why, and how might we make it better the next time. We actually already put one change in place to mitigate the issue that occurred. I find that if we approach problems and room for betterment right away, we find the "promise in the problem" and move on with better process and result.

Since we'll be out tomorrow, we need to complete and send out the newsletter today.

Prep the Week Ahead
The focus for the week ahead will be the Character Campaign, Reading, and Math Unit 3 plus enrichment.