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Friday, October 06, 2017

Goal Setting: MA Evaluation System

I reviewed the Massachusetts' new draft rubric for the evaluation system. I was in agreement with the language changes, and want to match the new language to my goals for the year ahead as part of my self-assessment process. I find that this kind of reflective process sets the stage for good work in the year ahead. I'll also use this process as I work with new teachers at the MTA's New Teacher Conference on November 4th, a conference open to all new teachers (five or less years experience) who are members of the MTA. I wish that I had attended a conference like that when I was a new teacher as it would have quickly connected me to countless supportive people, organizations, and opportunities at the start of my professional career which would have been advantageous.

I've been thinking a lot about this chapter of my professional career, and what I would like to achieve at this time. Most of all, I am inspired to continue to improve my practice as it pertains to the young children I serve and lead. I want to help them learn as much as possible in positive, uplifting, and life-enriching ways. This continues to be a challenging, inspiring, and motivating goal for me. I also want to continue to build my ability to collaborate with colleagues as we build a positive, proactive, respectful and equitable professional culture of care, collaboration, leadership, and service. I find that the system I work in is a perfect laboratory for good education work and growth--we have what it takes to exemplify excellence when it comes to service to and education for children. This is an exciting place to be.

These goals and growth will profit from continued learning, reading, research, and study as well as the opportunity to move outside of the small school system where I teach to local and national conferences and online share, learning, and advocacy.

On this journey, I'll heed the idea of celebrating the small wins along the way and continue to reflect upon the journey as I move forward on my own and with the colleagues I honor and look to for inspiration, information, and support. Onward.