Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday Musings: October 27, 2017

It was a busy week with lots and lots of learning, collaboration, problem solving, and student-centered coaching and teaching.

What will the week ahead bring?

Just for New Teachers Conference
I'm looking forward to this MTA Event next Saturday. I will give a presentation about the value and possible paths related to reflective practice. I'll also have a chance to learn with the many new teachers (teachers with five or less years experience) which will be inspiring. This Saturday I'll dive into the planning and prep for the event.

Big Pumpkins and Coordinate Grids
Students are exploring metric measurement by making big pumpkins for our mock "Topsfield Fair" Pumpkin Patch. They'll also learn about coordinate grids as a fun and celebratory math activity during a week where many students will be focused more on Halloween than anything else.

Visiting the Theater
We have a theater field trip planned.

Competency Based Math Teaching and Learning
I'll be working with colleagues to deepen our student-centered competency approach using multiple resources.

Lots of Reading
Colleagues who recently went to the Literacy for All conference brought back the message that the volume of reading and student choice matters a lot. We'll support that with plenty of quiet reading time during a week where students may be a bit more excited and tired due to Halloween. My book group will continue to read and discuss Swindle.

Math Unit Two and RTI
We'll begin both of these events in earnest this week.

Faculty Senate and WTA Meetings
There's a couple of collegial meetings planned.

This week's key activity will be to review the agenda and encourage good collaboration, focus, self advocacy, independence, and choice as we continue to lead students ahead on the Learning Road.