Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Focus In: October 31, 2017

The brain-shifting for multiple focus areas is always a challenge as an educator. It's good to stop regularly to outline the work ahead.

Cultural Proficiency
Readying students for the In the Heights experience

Math: Unit Two

WTA: Keep notes, website up to date

TPL: Fully engage with JFNT Conference on Saturday

DESE TAC: Attend 11/14 meeting, share all meeting highlights with systemwide colleagues and PLN, follow up on committee expectations, initiatives.

Teacher Leadership/Shared Teaching Model: Spend a day with teammates focused on how we can lead our model forward in ways that matter with regard to students and their families.

Science/STEAM: Read, research, prep, and teach Matter Unit

Math RTI: Work with enrichment/core group leaders to promote greater mathematical thinking with specific exercises. Work with intervention groups to provide good materials to forward students' targeted skills, knowledge, and concept.

Reading RTI: Work with small book group to forward comprehension and fluency skills through worthy book discussions, reading, and follow-up activities.

SEL: Work with school counselor to forward Open Circle discussions and support class meetings on a regular basis. Focus on attributes of character in multiple ways throughout the year.

Faculty Senate/Child Study: Attend meetings as they occur and contribute as helpful.

Field Studies/Expert Visitors: Work with Central Office to make payments online. Work with administrative staff to attain needed checks. Follow up with students and families with regard to payment and permission slips. Work with grade-level colleagues to organize upcoming events.

Classroom: Continue to update to make the room well organized, inviting, and useful with regard to optimal learning.