Friday, October 13, 2017

Every Day is Filled with Unexpected Events

Both the upside and downside of school is that our days are filled with unexpected events. Today was no different. Typically those unexpected events open new doors of important effort and endeavor.

Expectedly students mostly followed tech menus in the morning; and unexpectedly there were a few switches in staffing due to teachers who could not be with us today.

Expectedly students had recess; and unexpectedly problems arose that need to be addressed with new protocols, playground organization, and student coaching.

Expectedly students arrived at math class, and unexpectedly an approach of utilizing multiple small groups worked really well for the most part. With a little finesse, I can tell this will be an approach that serves this learning group well.

Expectedly we met to determine parameters, teachers, and spaces for RTI; and unexpectedly we noted a challenge with numbers in relation to teachers available to service students' needs during that time.

Expectedly we met with our kindergarten buddies; and unexpectedly the activity planned was a bit of more of a challenge for the kindergartners than expected.

Our days as educators are filled with multiple problems to solve--problems of living and learning, some expected and some unexpected. That's part of the life of a teacher, and for the most part if we can find the promise in the problem, we are well directed.