Saturday, October 14, 2017

Are You Choosing Goals that Matter?

As I consider a host of goals today, I am wondering if the goals matter? Am I spending time professionally and personally in ways that are meaningful and make a difference? This is an important consideration for all of us.

As I think of my two main schools goals include math mastery and a culturally proficient learning environment, I'm wondering why these goals matter.

First, to learn math well and be able to apply math principles, concepts, skill, and knowledge is to be able to solve problems and manage your world better. We live in a mathematical world, and that knowledge is critical to successful living and learning. So, yes, it's a valuable aim.

And to create a culturally proficient learning environment is to invite all learners into the classroom in ways that empower them, build confidence, and demonstrate that they both matter and are capable of learning. Our website says it well, "Everyone is Welcome Here."

In the professional days ahead, the goal is to find ways to make the efforts to meet these goals visible in the classroom, efforts that include the following:
  • Signage, stories, and other curriculum resources/activities that welcome, empower, and uplift all
  • Field studies that introduce students to, and affirm, many cultures, races, and ways of living/being
  • Open ended projects that offer multiple entry and exit points
  • Time to talk and express what matters 
  • Special events that bring our learning/teaching team together
  • Time to learn math in many ways with substantial support
  • Growth mindset, learning-to-learn, holistic teaching strategies, and social-emotional learning supports/focus to build competent, confident students
  • Blended and differentiated learning paths to help students develop mastery
  • Advocacy for research-based efforts, tools, and teaching
  • Collegial collaboration and continued professional learning
I'm confident that these are goals that matter, and goals that will help to position my students, colleagues, and I for success that makes a difference. Onward.