Thursday, September 28, 2017

When Children Go Deep, Preview and Simplify

I've noticed that I have a lot of students that go deep this year. They see the depth, the layers, the details, the weave, and the complexity. When children go deep like that, the rest of the schedule, supplies, materials, and efforts have to become much simpler. It's also important to preview the day's events, activities, and expectations because it's easy to get lost when you go deep too, and when you get lost you might forget to be on time, follow a rule, put away your supplies, or pick up your pencils

I experienced this with one of my children. He's very much a dreamer. He has great ideas and is an adventurer too. When he was young I had to make his bedroom very simple because too many things crowded his ideas, sense of peace, and ability to be organized.

Every class is a teacher to the teacher. Even after 32 years of teaching, I'm always learning. And this year's class is going to teach me a lot about supporting depth and dreams--creating routines, a schedule, and classroom that supports busy, imaginative, playful, and questioning minds.

The depth has shown itself during play, conversation, read aloud discussions, and artistic endeavor. This is a challenge I didn't expect; and one I'm ready to embrace and learn from  Onward.