Friday, September 15, 2017

Noticing Betterment

I am noticing evidence of betterment.

First, I am noticing greater lead time with dates and events. This is positive and very helpful when it comes to planning and doing a good job.

Next, I am noticing betterment with the tech venues that assist the daily duties. For example our attendance was just put online and this is much easier than off line attendance routines. Soon we'll be able to ask parents to pay for field trips online which will save us considerable time and effort. The use of Google calendar is another time-saver and example of betterment.

We have increased planning time which is also evidence of betterment. Finally we have a planning period every day, and many planning periods in common with colleagues. This is a significant improvement from the past.

Curriculum is better outlined, organized, and communicated at local and state levels. Since there is always change in this regard, there's still room for growth in this regard.

And, people are beginning to respond to emails in a timely manner which means that I need to write a lot less emails. That's awesome!

It seems that our work environment is becoming more organized and service-oriented which means that I have the time and capacity to heighten my ability to lead and serve the colleagues, students, and family members in my learning/teaching team.

I am also noticing that more educators are speaking up, sharing ideas, and becoming active in our local union. Since I work with many committed and dedicated educators, this involvement spells betterment for all.

This is good news.