Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wonderful First Day

Our wonderful strings teacher, Ms. Tandon,
led the orchestra today with skill and grace. 
My only regret on the first teacher day of school is that I didn't videotape the amazing student orchestra performance. As I watched the students perform, I realized once again the amazing teaching/learning that's possible with dedicated effort, practice, knowledge, inspiration, and skill.

I was also honored by our new superintendent's words about the unknowable future and toxic present. He referenced Walden giving context to Thoreau's life and work at the time, and inspired us to prepare students well for that unknowable future, and to counter the toxic present. I appreciated his humane, broad-minded, humble, and welcoming talk.

Later, the principal led educators in a share about what they're grateful for with regard to the school system we teach in, and the work we do. Teachers' share was deep, emotional, personal, and moving. It was great to be able to hear every educator's voice and perspective, and a good way to build a strong team.

After that there was time to meet with the grade-level colleagues, plan for tomorrow's orientation, and set up the classroom. Tomorrow we'll host a few students with a pancake breakfast, time to set-up desks and organize supplies, a game of knock-out, math prep, and a good start to the Selfie project. After that, there will be time to prep the first few lessons of the year and laminate/hang posters.

It was an excellent start, and now it's time to focus on the daily routine of good teaching and learning.