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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Why Taxes Matter: Voice and Choice

I've always been a fan of fair taxation. I believe everyone should pay their part and everyone should have a voice when it comes to our shared needs such as roads, schools, parks, law enforcement, health, and more. We depend on one another and taxation is like paying the club dues to belong to a community.

Taxation has often received a bad rap, and I think that's because too many don't understand what taxes do. Paying taxes makes you a voting member of the community club--when you pay taxes, you have a stake in all that your community, state, and nation choose to do.

When organizations are run by private money alone, voice from our diverse populous is diminished, and the privateers have the voice as to how the organization is run, who it serves, and how it progresses. Generally, I believe that organizations that serve the public are better run by the public--when only a few choose for the many, it's often the case that many voices and people are left out of the discussion, debate, and decisions.

So as the United States Congress begin to deliberate about taxes, it's important that all Americans recognize that taxation equals voice and choice. When taxes are unfairly used, voices are typically unfair too. It's critical that everyone pay their share, and that we rely on taxes rather than philanthropy or donations to support our public organizations such as schools, roads, parks, public health, local/state/national government, and more.

As Massachusetts considers fair taxation, it's important to recognize that very wealthy people can continue their good living and pay considerably more taxes--it won't affect them, but unfair taxes, and more so inequitable public service, will affect all of us. Every person in our state and country deserves quality public service and a livable wage--fair taxation will allow our schools, health care, infrastructure, and health in poor and average-income communities to grow, and in turn, that growth will support the overall positive development of states and the country. When some suffer, everyone suffers, and when all are elevated, everyone lives better.

I pay my fair share of taxes every year. I'm happy to do it. I also understand that's it's important to be informed and to vote for leaders who will support the good use of tax money and use it for programs that matter. I'd rather pay a little more so that my community, state, and country can support good schools and social programs so that everyone can live well. Taxation matters and it's not the four-letter word that many think it to be, instead it's the club membership you pay to be apart of your terrific communities, state, and country. We all should pay a fair share.