Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Trust the Research

As a teacher of 30+ years, I've read a lot of research. I've taught a lot too. I'm always on the lookout for new research that will elevate what I can do to tech children well.

After a great conversation last night, I find myself working to synthesize much of the good research I've read to promote a top-notch math teaching/learning program this year.

I sometimes find myself second guessing the research, research that pushes me to change what I do in ways that matter. But then, I have to remind myself to trust the research, and not just do it as I've always done it.

Of course, we don't always trust new research without a deep review, but when you've been teaching as long as I have, you can fairly easily determine which research is right-on, and which seems ill directed. You've watched enough students learn effectively to know what's missing and what works.

Hence, I'll continue to read, reflect, and revise as I trust a lot of research and new ideas to push learning forward in this wonderful knowledge age we live in. Onward.