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Thursday, August 10, 2017

School Year Focus Gains Definition

I write often about this because it's so easy to lose focus during the school year when there are so many pulls for your interest, time, and attention. Hence the priorities:
  1. Classroom community: Doing all that I can with colleagues, students, and other learning/teaching team members to build and support a dynamic classroom community. 
  2. Healthy Routine: A positive routine that maximizes energy and effort.
  3. Math teaching/learning
  4. Collegial collaboration: working with the school team to forward a dynamic program with and for students
  5. STEAM teaching/learning
  6. Local union efforts
  7. Professional Learning
  8. MA DESE Teacher Advisory Cabinet
  9. MTA Teaching and Professional Learning Committee
  10. MTA National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Initiative
  11. Teacher Collaborative support and effort as I engage in this exciting new teaching community
When the priority list becomes a simple as this, you know that you've done the prep necessary for the next steps. Onward.