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Friday, August 04, 2017

Russian Speak: Trump Times

I'm disappointed that President Trump used the word "Russians" to speak about worries related to the Russian government's influence on our election. Once again his use of grouping all people of one culture, and making sensational statements potentially leads to prejudice and troubling relations with a whole group of people.

I have no problem with Russian people since I know, like us, most Russian people are ordinary people living their lives. I do, however, have problems with an American political campaign utilizing a foreign body's illegal help and influence to go after other American candidates to win an election. I also have problems with a foreign country influencing our elections in any way, and believe that we have to investigate this to find out what happened and how it happened.

I find it troubling that our President is seemingly not concerned with the fact that investigations show that the Russia government had influence over our elections. I'm surprised that the President of the United States would not want the truth to rise in this situation so that we understand this threat in important ways so it doesn't happen again.

I'm also concerned with the tactics Trump uses when he speaks to American people, tactics that sensationalize and sway information with marketing techniques rather than speaking to people with truth, empathy and concern with regard to our country's strengths, opportunities and challenges.

I recognize that as a global community there are going to be lots of issues to contend with. The more interdependent our world becomes, the greater the need for positive international relationships, collaboration, and connections. As a people, I believe we have to look for ways to work with and get along with countries around the world--no country can stand alone anymore in the global community we live in. Yet, it's also important for us to look at our own country and what we can do to improve our own country's laws, services, geography, and policies to forward life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.

So, in my eyes, it's not about Russians as Donald Trump would like Americans to think, but instead about the influence the Russian government had on our elections and perhaps our government today. We need to understand this well as our country moves forward so we don't have to have costly investigations and untrustworthy leaders. I wish the President would fully support the investigation so the truth of the matter rises with greater speed and clarity.