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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Practice New School Year Routines

Since the school year days are so busy, many teachers practice their routines prior to the start of the year. The practice includes self-care activities, food preparation, household and family routines. What can help in this regard?

Physical Activity
Many educators establish a routine of physical activity before or after school. Those that do this generally enjoy better health.

Easy Food Prep
Educators think about what and where they'll eat. Some choose to purchase small refrigerators for their classrooms so they can store healthy choices close by. Others choose to eat in the school cafeteria or teachers' room. Some eat same foods each day while others bring leftovers or order salads, hot meals, and sandwiches from the cafeteria. Whatever you choose it's good to think ahead since time for eating and food prep is greatly diminished once the school year starts.

Teaching/Learning Routine
Generally teachers follow tight school day schedules, so it's good to make that schedule flow as much as possible. Home time, especially if you're a teacher with young children, is compromised too since educators bring a lot of work home. It's best to establish a good weekly routine here too as it helps everyone in the family. Often signing your children or yourself up for an activity or two outside of the school day can help to establish a positive routine.

Something to Look Forward To
I generally like to plan a few special events during the year that my family can look forward to. These special events help to motivate you to work hard during the day-to-day routine.

Goal Setting
Good goal setting at the start of the year can help to motivate you to stay the good course you've planned throughout the year.

What will your school year routine look like? How will you prepare during the final weeks of summer? I'll be thinking about that today.