Thursday, August 31, 2017

Facing Challenge

How does one face challenge with grace, perseverance, and truth?

A number of challenges arose as the school year began.

As I think of those challenges, I'm wondering what the best course of action is.

First, a number of worthy teaching/learning efforts have been denied. Why? I see a somewhat superficial reason for denial, but I can't see any deep, meaningful reason for denial. In fact, I believe the denial limits students' opportunity for good learning and future-ready skills. I recognize I'm one voice, but I also know that it's important to speak up when there appears to be inequity and lost potential, so I penned a note about the situation.

Next, there are areas of school life that we can clearly change for the better. The research promoting and supporting change in these areas is clear--we can do better, if we make change in these areas. Yet there's a reluctance when it comes to change, and a bit of disregard when it comes to new research and think. Why?, I wonder. I will keep thinking about how I can promote promising change in ways that are effective. Often parents embrace this positive change much more quickly than some personnel in schools. I think this may be because parents are working in businesses and organizations outside of school, and they know the real-world impact of the positive changes I desire.

So those are the big challenges at present.

On the positive side of the profession, my team remains amazing. We met a few students today who beamed with enthusiasm and excitement for the year ahead. Our staff is seasoned and committed. We have many good tools, and the custodians did a great job getting our classrooms ready.