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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Act in Contrast to Trump: Put America on a Positive Course

Trump clearly defends those who support hate and racism in the United States.

He had an opportunity to support a humane and dignified course for the American people by condemning the racism, violence, and hate displayed by White Supremists, neo-Nazis, White Nationalists, and other bigots in Charlottesville, but instead he defended their actions and protest--actions and protest that clearly used language and violence to demean and disrespect Americans because of their skin shade, religion, and support for American ideals.

Yes, counter protesters clearly acted out, but of course they were angry, upset, and worried about the racists who marched against American ideals--racists who have a long history of prejudice, disrespect, and violence in American society, and whose aim, in part, is to forward a segregated America.

President Trump Supports Prejudice, Hate and Racism
A good President would denounce all racism, hatred, and any groups that march in support of that hate and racism in America. He or she would empathize with those whose ire was heightened in the face of indignity, hate, and oppression, and tell them that we will work as a nation to create laws that work against all White Supremists, Neo-Nazis, KKK, White Nationalists, and other groups that work in opposition to America's central ideals of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for all. A good president would have asked all Americans to pray for Heather Heyer and support her family. He would have championed her efforts to stand up for what is right and good. Also, a righteous President would have looked at the sorry life of Alex Fields, Jr., a man who chose violence over peace, a man who killed a peaceful protester, and a man who used his free time to support racism, violence, and prejudice instead of working for betterment, family, and equity in the United States. He would encourage all teachers to teach well so we have more people like Heather Heyer, and to be compassionate to young children who suffer and are filled with hate like Alex Fields, Jr. in hopes that we can help those individuals grow strong with peace, promise, and possibility rather than hate and violence. But instead, President Trump, a worrisome and potentially insane individual, spoke in defense of these hateful groups with passion.

The President's hateful rhetoric about Muslims in the past has also demonstrated his racism and hate. His demeaning words and acts towards women and the handicapped similarly show his prejudice and hate. His lack of support for public education and good health care demonstrate his prejudice and disregard of average Americans who depend on these services, and his speak and policies continually support the wealthy over average and poor Americans. In fact, Donald Trump demonstrates contempt and hate for almost anyone who disagrees with him. Donald Trump clearly leads for himself, his pocketbook, his family, and a few rich cronies. No one else matters to him.

President Trump is Short Sighted
Donald Trump is also short sighted. He doesn't lead with the future in mind. His policies are quick fixes to long term problems. His lack of support for regulations and positive environmental policies deny the research that tells us we have to take better care of our planet. The way he incites aggression and works against good partnerships with world leaders, denies the truth that we are increasingly a global society that requires working together to solve common problems and forward all people of the world. His unwillingness to support a high quality education system that supports equitable practices and progress for all students demonstrates his denial that education matters, and that quality education is a critical element for any successful and peaceful nation. Further the fact that he spends all of his time in protected clubs, the White House, and with foreign dignitaries furthers his narrow vision of our great country. Why doesn't he get out and see America, work with the American people, and learn about our great country. Just think of the affect a family visit to a national park, seashore, or small towns and amazing cities across our nation would have on his outlook, family life, and health.

President Trump is Uneducated and Untruthful
President Trump's speak demonstrates his clear lack of understanding of American history, geography, and ideals. He misstates facts and figures all the time. He also often does not speak the truth. I don't expect any American leader to know all or be all, but I do know that bright, educated leaders understand that they have to reach out to embrace and learn from the diverse, intelligent expertise all around them to lead with as much truth, knowledge, and wisdom as possible. Instead Trump just spits out whatever comes to mind from his narrow education and experience, rather than leading with the collaboration of a diverse teams of experts in the fields of history, policy, environment, health, economics, and more. He believes he has to have all the answers, and then simply pulls from his limited experience, knowledge base, and cronies/confidants to speak and lead--this is dangerous and evidence of his lack of skill, intelligence, and experience as a public servant, leader, and President.

Day after day President Trump disappoints, demeans, and disrespects the American people. Only a few like former KKK leader, David Duke, and other racists as well as the wealthy who choose money over the betterment of the United States and all Americans stand in support of this President--a President who continually embarrasses and worries most Americans.

It's time for the United States House of Representatives and the Senate to appoint a team to look seriously at impeachment. That team needs to look carefully at the President's mental health, the Mueller investigation, his daily actions/leadership, his taxes (has he evaded taxes, a reason for impeachment), his financial dealings (are they legal?), his international actions, and his ethical behavior including use of his own businesses for public work and political dealings that support his private business and personal wealth.

This is a troubling time for America. We all have to do what we can to put America on a positive course ahead.