Sunday, August 27, 2017

A Teacher's Letter to Coding Experts

Dear Friend and Coding Expert,

As I think about the world around me, my research, and a recent discussion with a cybersecurity expert and mom in a beautiful little park in Alexandria, Virginia, I have the following thoughts and questions. I look forward to your response.

First, it seems to me that coding is today's universal language of creativity, innovation, problem solving, and analysis. Do you agree?

Next, as with any language, it seems like coding immersion should occur from PreK-12 and beyond? Do you agree?

After that, it seems that immersion should take place in a consistent way that's engaging, real-world, meaningful, and progressive--right?

And, what would that developmental program look like? What languages would students learn in preK (Scratch, Jr.), later, and after that? Do you have a developmental plan I could look at?

Further, know that I realize coding is one of many streams of learning necessary for good learning and living. I also believe there needs to be strong threads of reading, writing, languages, the arts, health/wellness, history, geography, and of course interdisciplinary science and other technologies.

Thanks for your consult in the days ahead. - Maureen