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Sunday, July 16, 2017

What if every teacher in your school was an NBCT?

What if every teacher in your school was nationally certified? What would that mean for your school?

I think that this would be a worthy goal for administrators, and if I were to lead such an initiative, this is what I would do.
  1. I would obtain funding for the initiative
  2. I would make sure that educators signing on to this initiative earned salary increment and professional credits
  3. I would create a systematic approach using a team model to help educators reach national certification
  4. I would tie the collaborative efforts to the expected goals, standards, and programs of the school
  5. I would provide time in school for this effort and reach for competency one component at a time
  6. I would make this a multi-year endeavor
  7. I would seek state and local support by way of mentors and finances
This would be a worthy goal for any school or school organization. I will think more on this in the days ahead, and in the meantime if you're a school seeking to reach this goal or have reached it already, I'd love to read your story.