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Saturday, July 01, 2017

Vision Leads: At the End of the Summer, I . . . .

It's so easy to get distracted in today's world of endless opportunity and choice. Opportunities abound for exploration, adventure, research, the arts, and more. This seemingly limitless opportunity to get involved, learn, and contribute can be overwhelming and that's why it's integral to create a path and define a vision which will lead you forward.

As I think of my vision this morning, I am thinking about where I want to be when the summer ends.

At the end of summer, I hope that I will achieve the following:

  • Memorable, positive family events
  • Good reading, research, and learning
  • A home that's simple and easy to manage
  • Healthy routine and living
  • Invigorating debate, conversation, and shared events
  • A positive, welcoming classroom schedule, program, and environment
  • A local, union website that's informative and supportive of our union members
I'll lay out a plan this morning so I don't lose track of this vision.