Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Supporting the Minority

It's difficult to be the minority in any situation.

The fat girl in a room of thin girls.

The light skinned individual in a room of dark skinned individuals.

The boy in a room of girls.

The child in a group of adults.

The Muslim at a Christian gathering.

The gay at a mostly heterosexual event.

The transgender student at your high school.

The single mother amongst all married couples.

The impoverished student amongst wealthy students.

Whatever the case, it's difficult to be the minority in any situation. Yet, those in the minority have a right to be who they are without prejudice, disrespect and cruel repercussions. They have a right to fair laws, rights and opportunities just like anyone else.

Today as President Trump speaks out against those who are transgender, he takes our country down. His prejudicial and isolating comments make others think that because you're transgender you can't be strong, patriotic or choose to serve our country with intelligence, fortitude or commitment.

But this is who President Trump continually shows himself to be, he's a man that repeatedly ridicules people based on gender, economic class, culture, and now, sexual orientation. It's as if he lives in a bubble devoid of contact with the great diversity of people who live in our country. It seems he sees the world through very narrow glasses of what is right and what is not right rather than through a lens that notices the great wealth, depth and breadth that a broad view of human nature, potential and promise brings to leadership.

In my opinion, President Trump demeans who we are as a people and a country with his prejudicial comments/choices, name calling and disrespect. Every day of his leadership has been discouraging. My hope for the future lies in those who know the laws well, those with heart and understanding of the great and promising diversity our country represents. I hope those people will continue to work on their own and together to defeat Trump's leadership and replace him with people who value human dignity and efforts to better our wonderfully diverse country and people. I will look for opportunities to join them to support an inclusive, non-judgemental/prejudiced USA in the ways that I can.