Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Next Steps: Health Care Crisis USA

I do think the health care issue is a crisis in the United States.

I believe it is a crisis because politics is trumping our dedication to the human condition and dignity for all people.

The speak from many is about gaining/losing votes, gaining/losing financial support for campaigns, and seemingly personal/financial power rather than a focus on developing our country in ways that matter, ways that elevate the human condition and our ability to foster life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people, not just some.

The fact that our President, Donald Trump, continues to surround himself mainly by older white men and family members, visibly demonstrates his lack of taking a broader view of our diverse country. He appears to value money and past realities of power and process over all else. We don't see a modern perspective coming from him or his cronies, a perspective that acknowledges globalization, climate change, population growth, multiculturalism, interdependence, collaboration and the continuum of what it means to be human and to dignify that reality by accepting people's personal choices related to their lifestyle, relationship, and other personal choices.

Like many, I am disheartened, but not giving up. Instead I am recognizing that I have to do more, get more active and support those around us who are working around the clock for human dignity and welfare.

I have been following many who are dedicated to doing what's best for all people. One of the people I am following is Senator Elizabeth Warren. She is working 24-7 to understand what's going on in order to stand up for what is right for all people. She is facing tremendous name calling and ridicule from President Trump who does not value her work and experience. Trump typically does not value women beyond their physicality or relationship to him or his cronies. 50% of our country is female, and we have to support leaders who support what's important to us as women--women who are mothers, women who are working, women who face unique female medical questions/conditions, women who have faced prejudice over time, and women who care about our communities, safety, education, and good living for all.

In Trump Times, the sensational sound bite often trumps dedicated work, significant experience, careful investment and good process. He manipulates us with his tweets that demean, name call, don't tell the truth and make complex issues seem like simple affairs. He denies good process and does not respect our Constitution, country's history or diverse populous.

So what is a citizen like me going to do now?

First, I'm going to look at my schedule and see where I can fit in real time to support individuals like Elizabeth Warren who are working overtime in the face of Trump's indignant speak, actions and lack of support for the average American.

Next, I'm going to look at my budget to see if I can spare a few dollars to support the best organizations that are working for our country's best interests.

And, I'm going to continue to learn as much as I can about our governmental processes, laws and rights so that my advocacy is well directed.

This is a time where all Americans have to sacrifice time and money to keep our country strong for our wonderfully diverse population. We have to get involved in the tough issues that exist such as where we spend our money, how much people are taxed, protection of our natural lands, equity for all no matter your gender, class, culture or religion and fair opportunity via education, health care and communities.

It shocks me that some will accept a President who name calls, does not tell the truth and clearly cares about the needs of his wealthy friends and family members over the needs and rights of all Americans. It worries me that we're accepting a leader who has everyone working overtime due to his lack of ethical process, effort or speak just to be able to live the life we've always enjoyed as free citizens of a country that values life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This is our new reality, and what will you do to make a difference today?