Friday, July 14, 2017

Information Share: Nesting and Gardening

When I think of information share, I think of nesting and gardening.

First it's best to grow a garden of information. In that, you have to create the garden plan, leave room for good growth and weed often.

Next, it's best to nest that information like Russian nesting dolls by placing information within information so those who want a broad-brush, summative account can go to the umbrella nest (the big doll) and then as they desire more detail they can link into deeper and deeper information.

The challenge with shared communication is that rather than a neat network, it can become chaos. That's where the garden planning and weeding comes in.

We all, as individuals, teams, and systems, have to look at our information accounts and decide what we want them to look and act like, then we have to regularly weed to make sure we are reaching the communication goals we desire.