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Friday, July 07, 2017

Factory Model Schools Halt Progress

I am so fresh and inspired after a couple weeks of vacation and time to read, research, write, and think without the great challenge of time. This burst of positive energy stands in contrast to the exhaustion I felt at the end of the school year, an exhaustion that challenged best work and thought.

As I think of this contrast, I am struck with many questions to consider including the following:

  • We know that the pace and structure of factory model schools hinder deep thought and effort. With that in mind, how can we positively change the structure and pace of schools to maximize good effort, thought, and progress?
  • How can we provide educators with more quality think time during the school day so that educators have time after school for rest and family life? Currently most teachers are planning and thinking outside of the school day since the school day is mostly spent in the care of large numbers of students. This creates a situation where most teachers are working two full-time jobs with significant time-on-task with students and significant after school time-on-task with thinking, research, planning, and responding to student efforts.
I know that we can better structure, develop, and lead schools by getting rid of the factory model and replacing it with a knowledge-age model of schools that put educators in the lead with respect to the work they do and the time they have to do that work well. This change will support good progress toward the schools every child and family deserve. Onward.