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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Creating and Supporting Fair Systems of Collaboration and Result

In the USA, we have always relied on our fair legal systems, yet with growing complexity and information share, we notice that we have to shore up those systems so individuals' rights to speak up and live in ways they choose are protected.

In every place of living and endeavor, this is an important issue. I face it in that my writing and share which is often chided. I share a lot and some feel I share too much. Yet, I find that our systems, in many ways, are outdated and not reflective of modern research and effort, thus the share. It's a difficult dilemma and I hope that upcoming, planned meetings will help me to strike a good balance in this regard. Currently there's less than ideal share of ideas, modern-day updates, and related collegiality, in my opinion, that reflect the tech-infused, global and interdependent age that we live in.

Also, we have a President of the United States that name calls and puts down hard working men and women who speak up, act and advocate for what they believe in. Never before in the USA was I afraid to voice my opinion, speak up and act on behalf of my beliefs, but now when I do write, I do fear because President Trump lashes out in ways that are disrespectful, demeaning, and humiliating. It's similar to the experiences so many of us faced as young children when the school yard bully and his friends made fun of you or went after you.

In today's world what constitutes optimal systems of collaboration and result? How do we architect those systems and the protocols we use to take from and contribute to those systems with good collegiality, share and intent? I know this will differ from organization to organization, and I'm curious what others are doing to build and develop these systems where they work and learn? I'll keep my ears open to hear about this. And in the meantime, if you have related stories to tell, please share.