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Monday, June 12, 2017

When in Doubt, Clean

It was one of those crazy days when the schedule changed at least three times before 9am, the temperature was hot, hot, hot, the air conditioner failed, and the sound system wouldn't work.

The schedule changes were easily accounted for. The temperature was mostly okay especially when the air conditioner was working. But when the sound system failed, it was one change too many. The students were antsy, disgruntled, and whining. The plans were undone by the sound system problem, and I must say I was a bit tired too.

In the end, we used the time at the end of the day to clean, find lost library books, stack chairs, organize and have a short meeting that ended with a few jokes.

Clearly we've hit the new point in the end-of-the-year schedule--the point where everyone is tired out or ready for a change, and there's not a lot of creative energy left for new projects or initiatives. We're all ready for the summer break. In light of that we'll move the schedule into more reading, writing, math practice, and the finishing touches for the end-of-year biography project. Onward.