Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trump Teaches

Trump is teaching me.

He is teaching me what not to do and what not to be.

I can see the low feelings of people he demeans in tweets and speeches.

I notice how his political appointees don't reflect our country's diversity of class, culture, and gender.

I recognize how he favorites people of particular looks and wealth over the variety of average Americans.

I recognize the way his vision is that of the past rather than the future.

I worry about his exclusive outlook for America which seems to only include some, not all.

Trump's errant ways are teaching me to be more inclusive, respectful, open-minded, generous and kind. He is an overcorrection to ways of disrespect, dishonesty and greed. He is demonstrating to me that it's best to consult a variety of voices when making decisions and to consult the latest research and experts in any field for which you are deciding or choosing.

Trump is a teacher of what not to do--his leadership is always worrisome.

I will continue to listen. I will stay open minded. I will agree when he speaks in ways that seem truthful and forward moving. I will disagree always with his disrespectful and demeaning speech and acts.

Every person and act in life has the potential to teach us if we are open to the lessons that exist.