Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Value of Tight Protocols and Dictates

Typically I run a loose-tight classroom, a classroom that leaves room for modern-day research, inspiration, student voice and choice, parent input, and collegial efforts. I don't usually have a lot of tight dictates or rigid rules. I believe in loose-tight as I think it opens the door for greater creativity, personalization, development, and inspiration. It would be interesting to measure the results of what I do in a holistic way with a classroom teacher that is more rigid and less bending with regard to procedure and protocol. Perhaps a more rigid style leads to greater learning and progress. I'll be thinking about that.

In general I like to think of education as a conversation--an ongoing, developing effort to nurture children forward in their current studies and future pursuits. When I look around me and research, I notice that it is the personal, thoughtful approach of building relationships, knowing students well, and utilizing research in an ongoing and developmental way that leads to student success, happiness and contribution. I utilize a similar approach to parenting.

Yet, I don't know all, and there may be advantages to tight protocols and dictates that I am unaware of. If you know of those, please educate me as I want to understand.