Friday, June 23, 2017

The Intersection of Priorities, Good Work, and Marketing

It's important to do good work.

It's similarly important to spread the good news about good work.

Prioritizing time, attention, and effort leads to good wok.

Sometimes marketing takes the place of good work.

Marketing can look good, but might not represent good work.

People everywhere have to beware of marketing. When marketing, they have to be careful that their words, images, and presentation reflects authentic, good work, and when lured by marketing they have to look beyond the glitz to notice what's real, and then assess if the reality is rightly portrayed by the marketing.

Questions like this can help one navigate this intersection.

What is good work?
What good work matters most?
How can we tell the story of good work in ways that reflect the reality and potential of that work?
How can we use marketing to attract others to invest in, contribute to, and take part in this good work?

As teachers and learners, it's essential to prioritize good work and tell that story with honesty and care. It's similarly important that our work is deep, rich, and meaningful and not just for the purpose of marketing and looking good.