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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Success in 2017-2018

As I think deeply about the past year and the year ahead, I am focused on attributes of success. The past year met many criteria of success and left some challenges to meet in the year ahead as well. Clearly documenting efforts and related observations, anecdotes, and data can help you to measure success as well as plan for the year ahead.

Success next year will be identified in the following way:
  • Successful, engaging mastery and/or progress towards mastery in all math standards. While students met mastery or progression towards mastery last year, I'd like to really focus in on the word "engaging" in the year ahead by deepening and enriching math units with attention to relevant, blended units of study.
  • Positive student advocacy and leadership with respect to their individual and collective learning paths. As a team we inspired this attitude and behavior throughout the year, and I'd like to continue and deepen this effort with a focus on embedding SEL, growth mindset, learning-to-learn, and mindfulness behaviors.
  • Everyone Belongs. With careful listening, questioning, and attention to cultural proficiency and individual student strengths, talents, passions, and challenges, our team will continue to build a sensitive, culturally proficient program that welcomes and encourages voice and choice from all stakeholders: students, family members, colleagues, administrators and community members. 
  • STEAM: As a team we'll look for ways to employ greater science/STEAM teaching. Time was a challenge this year, and it will take a close look at the time available in order to meet this expectation with depth and breadth.
Essentially in the year ahead, I'll plant a 

Steam: interdisciplinary study using the design process
Engaging, deep, standards-based math study
Everyone belongs, is treated with respect, and acts with respect toward one another
Develop self-advocacy, choice, questioning, and ability to create/navigate personal/collective 
     learning paths.