Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Redesigning the Math Unit

How can we redesign math units so that the learning is rich, deep, and memorable. Here's what I hope to do next year:
  • Make home study simple and interesting
  • Include one floor-to-ceiling exploration in each unit
  • Organize the learning path in each unit from standard introduction to review to grade-level standard to enrichment
  • Give students a chance to navigate the learning path on their own with check-ins, coaching, team projects and assessment along the way
  • Make the learning relevant with real-world data, scenarios, and problems
  • Build one unit on top of another so that students are able to continually apply the lessons learned
  • Add opportunity for reflection and metacognition
  • Present/Teach the learning to others
  • Discuss and debate the standards in multiple ways
I will use this template as I rework each unit.