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Monday, June 19, 2017

Last Week Coaching

During the last week of school, I've got my eye set on the following:

Physical and Emotional Safety
During the last week of school students are sometimes emotional and energy-charged. It's important to remind students about using safe behavior and lots of kindness to end the year with care.

Life-Long Learning
The activities we engage in during the last week are the kinds of activities that students and their families may participate in all summer long--activities that lead to physical and mental health and growth.

They'll be plenty of time to work as a team to play, learn, clean-up, and celebrate.

Memories that Leads us Forward
We'll spend some time remembering the good times, and I'll remind students that they may use those good memories to repeat the good times and make good learning and living happen in the future.

Students will be clapped-out of the school as one way to say we are proud of all you've done as elementary school students and we wish you well in the future.

Attention to Individuals and the Team
I'll pay close attention to individuals and the team this week to ensure a safe and happy ending to a wonderful school year.

Rest, Relaxation, and Fun
Once the final tasks are complete, I'll set aside some days to rest, relax, reflect, and have some fun. While it has been a terrific teaching/learning year, it's been a busy and energized year too. Some time to rest and relax will be just perfect!