Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Why Share Ideas?

"You can't always get what you want," is true, but you can express your need, vision, and ideas. Yet, why would someone want to express their vision, ideas, and needs if they knew it was unlikely to be fulfilled. Sometimes one's ideas are much bigger than one person, the ideas belong to the promise and possibility life holds for innovation, change, and betterment.

Recently, with this in mind, I tweeted out my idea for Twitter to add an option named Ribbons--ribbons would allow tweeters to add favorites to ribbon streams, and then later manipulate and intersect those streams. For example if I was collecting favorites about math education and cultural proficiency, I could at one time intersect the ribbons to gain a thread of ideas that I might use to intersect those areas of teaching for betterment and greater student investment.

I don't have the programming knowledge, time, or money to invest in Ribbons, but I did have the ability to share the idea to some who may find it helpful (or perhaps not). Similarly I shared some information about the potential distributive leadership models hold for schools. I'd like to see greater teacher leadership and distributive leadership models in elementary schools as I believe those models and that leadership will enrich our teaching/learning environments resulting in greater success for all students and their families.

Sharing ideas actually grows one's own investment in those ideas too. When you share them, you have to be ready to talk about them if people are interested. You have to be willing to defend and develop your thinking with regard to those ideas. Essentially sharing ideas give the ideas greater life than when ideas sit dormant in your mind, work, or composition.

It's important to share good ideas. Good ideas move the world ahead in important ways. Not all of our ideas will be embraced, but if the ideas are good enough, you'll persevere and so will others to make those ideas a reality. Onward.