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Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Year Moves Forward: Teaching Ahead

We've completed the ELA and Math MCAS. We have the two sections of science MCAS coming up next week, and then students will have completed all seven fifth grade MCAS tests. During the next few days we'll review K-5 science concepts in a variety of ways including short videos, questions and answers, coloring/drawing diagrams, and simple science experiments. Students generally enjoy science study so this will be enjoyable to all.

As part of that science study, we're helping to raise a large number of spade foot toads. The toads are at the tadpole stage now. Today a Grassroots Wildlife Conservation expert will come to teach students about their conservation efforts. Last year's presentation was amazing.

We continue to work on the biography projects too. Students are still at the research stage. The art teacher has joined in by having students draw portraits of the person they are studying. The tech teacher is helping students to create digital mini-posters of the lives of the global changemakers, and the librarian is helping out with the research efforts. This project is definitely a team effort.

Instrumental teachers are busy helping students prepare for upcoming spring concerts, and the music teacher is leading numerous play performances with all students as they prepare for the spring performance. In physical education, students are preparing for Field Day--a day that all students look forward to.

As the teacher you can see that this is a time of year when we are all on go moving from one good activity to another. There's a lot of conflict resolution and student coaching too as students ready for their final days at elementary school and the exciting transition to Middle School. Onward.