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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Teaming with Colleagues and Families to Teach Well: Doing All You Can

Sometimes too tight protocols prevent good learning and teaching. This is an important matter to consider as you make choices in school.

Sometimes families are not considered as part of the teaching/learning equation, and data, information, and procedures are not readily shared with families when we know that the more families know and understand about their children, the better they are able to support those children.

Sometimes families are not invited into the decision making when it comes to good teaching and learning, and though it can be impossible to satisfy all families' needs, interests, and ideas since there's typically great variation here, it's good to enlist families' ideas and support from the early days of school onward in order to create strong, vital learning communities.

I want to think about how we can better grow and maximize the strength of collegial and family collaboration to develop good schools. I think we're at a turning point in this regard, and this turning point will lead us in a stronger, better direction.