Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Teaching When Challenged: We Need To Be There For Each Other

I remember that a few years ago when challenged by a family matter, I became upset in school. Over time, that's happened to colleagues too. It's tough to keep calm amidst the busy hours of school while thinking about a family challenge. When this happens we have to give our colleagues the time and support they need to navigate challenge at home while doing their school work too. I'm sure that this happens in every place of work and business.

Happy home lives are important to teaching well, and when there are troubles at home, it can be difficult to live up to your typical demeanor and efforts. You may need to rethink your routines and ask colleagues for that extra support and understanding.

To teach well is a community effort, an effort that belongs to all of us with the way we collaborate, communicate, and care for one another. In a strong school community, everyone will be working together to meet the mission of teaching children well.