Thursday, May 25, 2017

Teachers Evolve and Change

As we teach, we evolve and change.

Sometimes I think back to moments of teaching I regret--moments when I didn't know better. I think, How didn't I know what to do or Why did I do that? Yet, as in any profession or in parenting, we do not always make the best decision--we err, and hopefully learn from it.

With the substantial respect, positivity, listening, and an eye on betterment, we have to make amends and move forward when we err--we won't always know it all, and we will make mistakes.

The truth is that teachers evolve and change over time, and hopefully that evolution is for the better. That's not to say that new teachers don't bring value to the schoolhouse--new teachers bring incredible energy, positivity, new knowledge, and wonderful perspective. I think schools profit greatly from having teachers that represent a mix of experience who regularly collaborate and work together to serve children well.

What's most important in this evolution and change is the chance to collaborate, share ideas, debate, and discuss direction, practice, and professional learning. We do best if we lead each other forward always with the children and their family's best interests in mind. Good teams and good culture care for one another.

If you're a good teacher, you're not the same teacher you were yesterday. Instead you are continually evolving and doing to do better and better work by each and every student. Onward.