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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Rethinking Patterns: Reaching Dreams

We busy ourselves with all kinds of activities. We have to revisit our schedules and routines often to make sure what we are doing actually supports what we hope and dream for.

That's where I am yet again, a place of revision and reset--how will my routine and schedule change in the days ahead to support the dreams I'm reaching for.

A Better Reading Schedule
The pile of books waiting to be read is high, and I know that reading those books will elevate what I can do with regard to teaching well. So, I'll add a significant amount of reading and research time to my schedule.

More Arts
The arts truly elevate who I am and what I can do--I want to be on the look out for more affordable arts activities and try to attend at least one arts event a week. Fortunately both my husband and I truly enjoy the arts. Also the arts often inspire the work I do at school as I'm able to integrate arts activities in all learning areas.

More Adventure
I love the excitement that positive adventure brings to life. There are zillions of beautiful places to explore near my home so I'd like to include more adventure.

Continued Writing and Reflection
I look forward to my daily writing, and will continue that activity.

I'm sure that I'll refine this list too as I continue to think, but for now this is a good start. How's your routine these days? Is your schedule helping you to reach for your dreams? If not, what revision will you make?