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Monday, May 08, 2017

Opportunity to Shine: Fifth Grade Show

Our amazing music teacher directs a magnificent fifth grade performance each year. There are so many reasons why this performance is exceptional including the following:
  • Every child has an opportunity to shine in ways great and small
  • The performance script and music is adapted in ways that uplift all and teach important lessons
  • There is humor
  • The play is always developmentally appropriate
  • She highlights students' many talents and special interests
  • The skills that students learn during the rehearsals and performance are significant lifelong skills such as reading fluency and comprehension, public speaking, teamwork, awareness of audience, and more.
Every year as I help out with rehearsals, I marvel at the music teacher's talent and commitment. I am further inspired by her ability to provide an opportunity for every child to shine. 

Everyone can shine because the music teacher brings considerable planning, thought, collaboration, and experience to the performance. By the time we get to the rehearsals, there has already been many, many hours of work put into the presentation. This is the kind of teaching and learning we all should subscribe to.