Monday, May 22, 2017

Oh Woe is Me

"No one likes a martyr," a relative would say whenever I suggested injustice. It was frustrating to hear that again and again, but I used the comment as reason to try to complain less.

Better than the phrase above, I think it would have been helpful to dissect problems and see the potential in the problem by planning an action plan.

The same relative would say that "You can't complain unless you are part of the solution." This phrase has helped me to always match problems with solutions--"Here's the problem," I think and "How can I help to solve it."

As I contemplate a recent, troubling incident, my relative's remarks come back to me. First, it's true no one likes an everyday martyr, yet problems do exist and we can't ignore them. Problems like the one recently experienced are small in the face of the huge problems that exist in lives, yet small problems can become big problems if we don't deal with them. Hence, seek the promise in the problem and decide how you are going to be part of the solution.

The solution with the problem above lies in these actions:

  • Careful listening and note taking
  • Speaking up when stories and words are misrepresented and shared
  • Keeping a paper trail of exchanges and efforts
  • Awareness of rules/laws related to idea share, free speech, opinions, and desire for betterment
  • Reaching out for clarification