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Friday, May 05, 2017

Nostalgia Ignites the Future

An old photo was shared with me early in the day. The picture made me nostalgic and prompted me to go through a few boxes of photos tonight. The photos depicted so many good times--good times that I had forgotten about during the past many busy, busy years.

The pictures made me think about the good times we have with one another, and the fact that we can't let time pass without planning special events and spending good times with one another. After all that's the good that life has to offer.

As I think about this, I recognize the need to continually direct both personal and professional efforts in directions that matter. Professionally that means serving students and collaborating with families and colleagues as well as I can with a continual eye on learning more and synthesizing that new learning with the good work of the past.

Today was one of those joyous days in the classroom where we made time for some special events. A colleague led the students in a terrific playground game. I led students' efforts to clean the spade foot toad tanks, fill them back up, and feed our many tiny tadpoles. Another colleague sensitively coached a few students with regard to specific issues. All in all it was needed attention, learning, and fun.

Personally there will be lots of opportunities in the days ahead to prepare for and enjoy special times with family members--the kinds of good times the many pictures I enjoyed tonight reminded me of.