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Thursday, May 18, 2017


Like a pin cushion, you feel the pricks of one troubling remark, directive, or expectation over and over again. At first you let it go. Then you begin to feel a bit bothered, and after that you really have to make a decision about how to respond.

We probably have all been needled one time or another, and perhaps we've needled knowingly or unknowingly too. The key is to figure out how to respond to needling with respect and good process.
  • Listen carefully to what the needler is saying and not saying.
  • Respond as you would hope to be responded to with respect, care, and honest intent.
  • Keep track of the needler's efforts and speak to look for trends and to understand better.
  • Figure out a peaceful path in light of the needler's constant barrage.
It's the time of the school year where needling can happen for many reasons. It can be as simple as a hot classroom or as complex as a troubling family issue. It's important not to let needling get to you, but instead to react with a professional, well-meaning response.