Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lack of Attention Leads to Problems

Often people like to bury problems rather than deal with them. Yet those issues only grow when met with a lack of attention or repeated similar behavior.

I ache when I see this happen.

For example, there has been a repeated action related to my effort. It has happened over and over again. Each time I worry, I get upset, I speak up, and each time there is no change or response. The action continues to occur. Recently I reached out to break this cycle, but my outreach was not well received. Now I realize I am powerless alone to break this cycle, and will seek to work with my union to look for ways to bring an end to this oppressive and demeaning cycle of professional effort. I will no longer try to go it alone which has been repeatedly unsuccessful in this sphere.

There have been other cycles that I've experienced over time. There's one that I actually began to break recently--I found a way to change that cycle which I'm really happy about. There's more work to do, but the first change spells promise.

What problems of energy, inspiration, support, and effort exist in your teaching/learning environment? How can you proactively work on your own and with others to remedy those problems by working for good change and revolve?

Bringing problems sensitively out into the open can help to remedy those problems. Looking carefully at what is happening and why and working together to make good change and growth is ideal. This takes thoughtful, modern strategic work and thinking--the kind of effort that relies on all of our best efforts.

Problems deserve attention and time--when we embrace the promise that problems hold with good process, respect, and care for one another with an eye on the mission of our work, we will do well. Onward.