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Monday, May 01, 2017

Greatness is in your Grasp

Like the teacher in Wonder, I started the day with the quote, "Greatness is in your Grasp." Children wrote for about three minutes, and then some shared their thoughtful writing. I mentioned that greatness can be small or large--it can be as small as planting a beautiful garden or as giant as world peace. Then I showed last night's 60 Minutes piece about Jonathan Starr's Somaliland boarding school as an example of "greatness in your grasp." After we watched the inspiring news story, we tweeted a few comments to 60 Minutes (see below) and then I tweeted to 60 Minutes and Jonathan Starr. He wrote back too--the children will be delighted to see his reply tomorrow.

Students' reactions to the story:

My tweet:

Jonathan Starr's reply: