Monday, May 22, 2017


It was good to wake up to Godin's post, Choosing Your Fuel, this morning. Godin notes that "The fuel you choose. . .determines how you will spend your days." and he lists a number of fuel sources by Richard Fenyman. As I look over the list, I choose the following fuels:
  • Big Dreams - I know what's possible in education, and I want to move in that direction with my work and effort.
  • Connection - I choose this because I hope "others will join me" since together, we do better.
  • Creative Itch - yes, "the voice inside. . .wants to be expressed."
  • Dissatisfaction - I know we can do better
  • Generosity - I like contributing
  • Professionalism - because it is what good educators do
  • Meaning - I want to do work that has meaning and makes a difference
Moving ahead in my field, education, is not always easy, but I am committed to continuing to hone my craft and do the best possible job with the work I do with and for children, their families, and colleagues. Onward.