Friday, May 26, 2017

Forward Movement

Before the weekend starts, it's important to chart the course for after the holiday.

Completion of Math Assessments and Math Tech Expectations
Students are closing in on completion of the year's math assessments and tech expectations--that's the first priority on the return to school.

We've got a number of projects to do.

Biography Projects
Students research every day and work on their presentations.

Spadefoot Toads
Our tiny endangered toads are full of sprite--soon they'll be placed in their new habitat.

Boston Tour
We'll hike the streets of Boston and learn all about our country's history.

Great Meadows
We'll explore a wetlands nature preserve and engage in a number of nature studies.

Field Day
Students will focus on teamwork as they play a large number of engaging outdoor games.

Visiting the Middle School
Children will get a nice introduction to the school they'll attend next year.

Progress Reports/Test Correction/Project Comments
We'll put the finishing touches on the year's academic reports.

Fun Day/Slideshow/Clap-out
Children will enjoy a celebratory day.

There won't be a dull day.