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Friday, May 12, 2017

Educators: Recipe Followers, Inventors, Guides or Coaches?

As an educator who are you?

Do you read and follow teaching recipes?

Do synthesize ideas from from many and invent responses to teach your students well?

Do you observe and guide, taking the lead from your students?

Do you coach with your students' and your own goals and objectives as the focus?

Are you a friend, mentor or leader to your students?

What words describe your teaching?

What words do those that lead your work use to describe your work? How do they think about teaching and how does that affect they way they lead and support your work?

In general, as an educator, I think of myself as a synthesizer who synthesizes student needs, interests, and passions with the objectives of the organizations I belong to and the bountiful experiences, research, and information available to me for teaching well.

I synthesize regularly to make best decisions, plans, and responses -- it's an organic process that changes from day to day dependent on need.

Who are you as an educator? Why does this matter to the work that you do?