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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Can't Do That. . .

I'm clearing the professional path to hone in on what really matters to me which is teaching every child well. I know there's more we can do, and that's where my attention lies. What will I do and advocate for:
  • Better intake system
  • Better coordination with health/social service agencies
  • Greater collaboration amongst all members of the learning team
  • Updating classroom websites
  • Creating better scaffolding of content, knowledge, and skill to support optimal differentiation
  • Reading professional books that have up-to-date research, inspiration and information about teaching well
  • Writing grants to support transforming my classroom to a modern teaching/learning environment
  • Reflect on and better collaboration in certain spheres that are currently confusing
  • Healthy, active living which leads to energy and good work
The invitations to work on multiple projects have been wonderful. I am so honored to have been invited, but deep down, I know that the right thing to do right now is better the work I do right here in and for the classroom This is the work that matters now.

I'll use this work as I write to. I'll share highlights, questions, learning curves, and research for those who may be interested in this direction. 

At every decision, we choose a path, and it's best if we choose that path with an eye on the future and attention to these questions:
  • What work calls me?
  • What work can I do well for others?
  • What work will I be proud to say I've accomplished at the end of my career?
  • What work energizes me?
  • Where are my talents and abilities best directed?