Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Structure for Evidenced-Based Advocacy

To advocate is to convince.

To convince often requires evidence.

 I quickly trust my instincts since I read a lot and follow many terrific educators. I have a good internal sense of where the world of learning and living is going, and understand what we need to do to match our educational efforts to that forward moving stream. Some efforts that I know will be integral to the future and should be integrated well into education today include the following:

  • More real-world, collaborative, meaningful floor-to-ceiling, interdisciplinary math explorations
  • Greater use of coding and 3D models and learning efforts
  • Greater awareness, appreciation, and care of the natural world
  • Greater integration of all SEL skills/efforts to develop strong emotional intelligence and a rich sense of well being. This includes the development of leadership and advocacy skills.
  • Meaningful, real-world STEAM study
  • A sense of history and understanding of social studies, and the ability to read and compose with meaning and effect.
  • Greater use of collaboration and teamwork of all stakeholders to move school systems forward in ways that matter for all stakeholders
  • Development of modern-day learning/teaching environments
I can work with all of these areas in my daily work with students. Currently this work is done well with my grade-level team, but I'd like to develop my ability and access with the greater team in this regard. I know that greater avenues of positive collaboration and share will grow these efforts with even greater strength. I am looking for ways to do this in the days ahead, and look forward to this progress. 

One way to reach this progress is to foster greater evidenced-based advocacy for efforts that matter. To do this, I'll begin to think specifically about the main areas of interest with regard to teaching/learning development and evolution. Then I'll begin collecting anecdotes, research, and evidence to support the development of those areas. After that I'll use that evidence to advocate through grants and writing for greater growth and development in those areas. Onward.