Friday, April 28, 2017

Where are you directing your energy?

I've been Mrs. Wishy-Washy these past few weeks as I deliberated around a number of opportunities only to say no to most of them.

Why the no?

I simply want to reserve energy and time for the most meaningful endeavor in my midst--the endeavor I truly want to empower as much as I can.

What is that meaningful endeavor?

That meaningful endeavor is the following:

Developing the math program so that it is more inclusive, engaging, and successful. That growth will include the following:
  • Developing my knowledge of computational thinking w/Google's online course
  • Embedding six of Boaler's floor-to-ceiling explorations into the math program
  • Refining and revising the math website that supports student learning
  • Reading a host of articles and books about math education, articles I've saved on a number of sites and in my home. 
  • Writing a WPSF grant to support professional learning at the McAuliffe Center for the Fifth Grade team.
  • Writing a WPSF grant for rolling tables, rather than desks for the classroom. This will better prepare us for the teamwork and explorations we plan to do.
Developing our shared teaching model so that it is a more culturally proficient program. This involves the following activities:
  • Planning an orientation for non-resident, high needs, and new students so that those students and their families get off to a great start in the school year.
  • Planning a number of special events during the year that helps us to build knowledge and relationship amongst our teaching/learning team including students, families, educators, administrators, and community events. These events will include signature field studies, a start-of-the-year "selfie" project, and more culturally proficient routines and efforts throughout the program.
  • Looking carefully at the schedule and routine to make sure that we are making significant time for student-centered teaching and attention.
  • Completing Emdin's book, For White Folks. . ., and reading Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • Earning my special education PDPs at the MTA Summer Conference
  • Writing a WPSF grant for better culturally proficient, SEL, and growth mindset inspiring and motivating signage in our school. 
The best I can do to forward my teaching and learning in the days ahead is mainly to read, read, read, and incorporate those ideas and efforts into the classroom program with colleagues in ways that matter.

The greatest satisfaction in all of this is to see students' increased experience of school and increased positive outcomes in holistic ways.