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Monday, April 10, 2017

Tightening Up the Ship: Kind and Caring Teaching

A while back I didn't leave sufficient time for an important task, and as you might imagine I was disappointed with the outcome of the effort (and so were others!).

Today I watched an individual do the same. Instead of putting in the time and effort possible, the person didn't do a good job, and that poor job had a trickle down affect.

Now it's true that we can't always anticipate what it means to do a good job, and we won't always do the job we're capable of, but as much as possible it is important for us to give the tasks we sign on to and we're expected to perform our best effort and performance.

Similar to this, I noticed a few students who were not doing their best job lately. I gave reminders and tried to support their need to do a better job. I also gave some leeway so as not to push too much. Then as I watched a few of those students continue to struggle, I realized that it's the time of year when it is critical to slow it down, support students learning with care, and not make the load too heavy. For teachers to coach well at times of transition and challenge, it's imperative that those teachers make the time and energy for good coaching, which means don't overload the teacher or student schedule.

The best gift that educators can give to their students is positive coaching and kindness as they guide and support students through the large number of learning experiences they engage in at school. It's time to tighten up the ship and support students with greater structure, routine, and care in the days ahead. Onward.